Aquaculture on the Yeocomico River

Every spring and fall planters are loaded with Seed Oysters
or shells and set out for the companys' oyster beds in the
Chesapeake Bay Region. 

Here a barge arrives at our dock with Oyster Seed Cages
Barge at Dock barge at dock

Currently, non-native oysters are being investigated for growth
capability in the Chesapeake Bay waters. Other research includes
measuring an increase in healthy oyster larvae and marine life around
state planted oyster reefs.

This view shows a crane is unloading cages on dock platform.
Crane with seed cages
Bevans Oyster Company is committed to replenishing oysters in the
Chesapeake Bay. The company participates in research under the
supervision of state organizations.

This barge is loaded with Oyster Seed cages in the Yeocomico River
Loaded with Seed Oysters

Several of the company's private beds are in the Yeocomico River with
many more widely spread in the rivers and tributaries
connected to the Chesapeake Bay.

This shot shows Planting Oyster Seed in the Yeocomico
Planting Oysters
This oyster reef, located in the Yeocomico River, was created in 2002.
The reef construction was overseen by Dr. Jim Wesson from Virginia
Marine Resource Commission using shells from Bevans Oyster Company. 
The shells are placed to create underwater mounds. The sloping effect,
with its valleys and peaks, offer protection for the oyster larvae and
allows them to grow successfully.
Oyster Reef